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    Fixing or replacing LAN chip

      Fixing or replacing LAN chip
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    Die IC, IO, bios error Dual Core, Core 2

      Die IC, IO, bios error Dual Core, Core 2
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    Warranty Policy

    Please check your goods carefully on delivery . Customers are assigned a completely new 100 % and stamped warranty HTT . On the stamp specifying the date , month , year and the warranty period as prescribed by the manufacturer warranty .

      1. Warranty conditions:

    • All components and equipment to stamps and stamp HTT warranty must remain within the warranty period.

    • Warranty stamp, serial number bar code must remain intact, no signs of scraping edited, erased or torn translucent.

    • The failure of the device is determined by a technical error or the fault of the manufacturer.

    • The mainboard or CPU when the warranty must have lids.

    • For components and equipment are granted genuine warranty as: computer sets, laptops, printers, scanners, intel products vvv: When purchasing equipment, the components you will get warranty card, in the questionnaire specifying the conditions of warranty, the warranty address, customer interests .... Customers must present the warranty card warranty direct product at a service center indicated on the check or in store HTT.

    • The LCD screen of the dots have died from 05 score points or more


      2. Conditions no warranty:

    • Machinery or equipment signs signs strange solution or water.

    • Machinery or equipment due to collision or has been dropping, batch tank, denting distortion, deformation, scratches, cracks, moisture, corrosion, proper convergence.

    • The equipment has signs of fire, rodents, insects invade or be used in wet environments.

    • Damage caused by natural disasters of fire, use an unstable power source or installation, improper transport, equipment broken circuit, fire, pigmentation etc.

    • No warranty equipment accessories such as chargers, headsets, cable connectors, covers, button switches, wiring, remote controller, fan, gift products with promotions.

    • The device is curved leg socket mainboard, CPU bent or broken legs.

    • Not responsible warranty data contained in the storage device when the customer's equipment warranty.

    • For printers, we can not guarantee how silk, ink nozzles.

    • No warranty is responsible for copyright Copyright MS WINDOWS, MS OFFICE, software, disks, etc. Driver

    • The keypad case peeling, broken jaw, broken, broken, etc.


      3. The method of warranty:

    • All the equipment are free warranty during the warranty period.

    • Items purchased within 05 days will be changed immediately if the test every new item damaged due to the fault of the manufacturer.

    • In the absence of new goods in exchange, it will change to a new agreement other equivalent value or will refund the correct amount that you have purchased. Note: not applicable to devices such as printers, ink, equipment depreciation nature, the device is cut off, broken, lost packages or scratched, so dirty.

    • In case of purchases over a period of 05 days will be refunded to the warranty (repairs). If you can not fix the store will replace an equivalent product and other products are not necessarily 100%.

    • Time to resolve warranty from 3-7 days after receipt (except Sundays and public holidays) and as the case may be resolved sooner or slower.

    • For devices that can not repair this device is not available anymore and therefore no longer produced or no longer circulating in the market, you have to wait another distributor valuable barter equivalent or higher and make money under the agreement of the current price in the market. The warranty period for the product to be replaced will be continued, not warranty again.

    • For devices that do not fix the water to send to overseas manufacturers, the deadline may be extended from 4 to 6 weeks. In this case the company will replace the product with similar features to your temporary use

    Hotline Báo giá nhanh Gmail Zalo
    Hotline Báo giá nhanh Gmail Zalo